The Twitter Effect

  Source Does pressure to appear more fun/successful/busy/exciting on social media platforms affect living our authentic lives? Reposted from my […]

Happy Holidays!

I have not been a good Marketing Communications blogger these past few months. It turns out that having a lot of […]

Pitching to Bloggers

Bloggers – question for you: When a brand or agency reaches out to you, which do you prefer? A. A […]

Pop! Marketing Communications – Wk of 9-19

Every now and then, people ask how I manage to organize working on so many very different projects at once. […]

Growing a Small Business in the Age of Social Media

My original intention with my Pop! Marketing Communications blog was to post at least once a week, if not more, […]

Social Media and Customer Service

Being on the consumer side and”inside” of various Social Media strategies has proven to be a lot of fun. As […]

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