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Social Media and Customer Service

Being on the consumer side and”inside” of various Social Media strategies has proven to be a lot of fun. As with any job, once you do something for a living, you are more likely to pay attention to the way other people and businesses do things and perhaps more sensitive to how you react and interact with people in similar positions. I certainly know that when my Public Relations work expanded to include blogger outreach, I was suddenly much more eager to respond to PR agencies and review products/events in a more timely manner, understanding the pressure the publicist is often under from a client.

One thing I have been paying a LOT of attention to recently is Social Media as customer service. I consider myself a Marketing Communications Consultant with experience in Social Media as a Marketing tool, but what about as a Customer Service tool?

I am pretty fortunate to be currently working with a well-known company that does a fantastic job or using their Social Media channels as both Marketing and Customer Service tools, taking platforms like Twitter and Facebook and truly using them to identify opportunities to help customers from problem to resolution or to provide information that makes customers’ experiences easier. On the flip side, I get to be on the Creative team, working on promoting fun initiatives, deals, and campaigns. It’s a natural fit, and the two work together splendidly. With so many opportunities to make brand ambassadors out of customers using Social Media, I am often puzzled by the many, many brands who only seem to use Social Media for Marketing and don’t respond to questions, comments, and concerns or even attempt to follow up, taking an issue offline. I personally think that these platforms are the way of the future for Customer Service teams; banks of ringing phones will still exist, they just may be a bit quieter.

Do you have certain brands that you love to interact with because they use Social Media so well? I won’t ask the opposite question. 😉


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    I love being able to signal to a company that they have done a great job using social media. Staples is good about it and I give them “props” all the time for their excellent customer service and always get a response back from them. We also have some local companies that do a fantastic job. It is really fun to watch and a wonderful tool as both a customer and a business!

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    Whole Foods River Street (WholeFoodsRVR) is amazing with its social media.

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